4:45 Cocktail Hour;    5:30 Dinner

The Temple - Heideman Auditorium 

5102 U.S. Highway 42, Louisville, KY

Single ticket Price: $75

Thanks to Our Sponsors 

      FreeSource:  Legacy of Love

      Eventualities:  Fountain of Hope

      Members of First United Methodist Church, Ashland, KY: Fountain of Hope

      Don & Paige Gottlieb:  Fountain of Hope

      St. Paul Episcopal Church: Fountain of Hope

      Sisters of Charity of Nazareth: Fountain of Hope

      Jeffersontown Christian Church: Fountain of hope

      Mark Baridon: Compassionate NEIGHBOR

      The Deshazer, lakin, quire, and Whallin families: fountain of hope 

      Aaron Guldenschuh-Gatten: Fountain of Hope

      Friends of Miriam frenke, scn medical assistance fund: Fountain of Hope

      Julie & Jerry Weber: Fountain of Hope

      Margaret Driscoll in honor of miriam frenke:  friend of aim

      St. William chuch: Fountain of Hope 

      Dennis & Michelle Hallman: Compassionate Neighbor

      The Hub: Friend of AIM

      Somewhere Louisville: Legacy of Love

      The Temple: Legacy of Love

      David Wheeler: Friend of AIM

      Adam & Corey Buckman: Legacy of Love

      University of Louisville LBGT Center: Friend of AIM

      Central Presbyterian Church: Fountain of Hope

      Curtis Green: Compassionate Neighbor


To help people affected by HIV and AIDS live healthy and whole lives. We offer community, dignity and hope.

Apply for Services

If you are in need of services, please fill out the application form. A member of AIM will be in contact with you shortly to discuss your need and how we can help.

Get Involved

Join us in servicing our clientele by applying to volunteer. You can also contribute financially and become a partner in the work of AIM.

Learn about HIV


 One of the greatest ways you can help us fight the virus is to learn about how it is contracted, its effects, and treatment options.


AIM is a proud partner of the Kentuckiana AIDS Alliance and is supported by the Louisville AIDS Walk